Posted by admin on 15-04-21

Promote your brand or online persona with Ian Boggs.

Rates for social media promotions are as follows:

TikTok @ianboggs

- One TikTok video: $7500 (2.3M Followers) The standalone link would cost an extra $500, adding it to my Beacons would not cost anything extra and still retains good engagement. I can show proof of that if you'd like.

Instagram @ianboggz

- One Instagram Reel: $4300 (270K Followers)
- One Instagram Story With the Swipe Up feature to your website link: $1700 (30K+ unique individual views)
- One Instagram Reel & One Story with the Swipe Up Link Bundle: $5000
- One TikTok Video Post, One Instagram Reel & One story with the Swipe Up Link Bundle: $10,000 (2.4M+ Followers) Possible 1M+ views)

*Please send a personal request with details to Ian and pay directly to him!

[email protected]


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